Sushi Seven has humble beginnings. Initially a mom-and-pop style restaurant, it was started by three brothers with a unique skill for crafting beautiful, alluring sushi rolls. Their attention to detail and comfort with both Mexican and Japanese cuisine allowed them to decorate rolls with even the crucial ingredients. By ensuring that their menu included traditional Japanese food, such as teppan yaki, yakimeshi, and nigiri, they created an ideal balance. This not only gave Sushi Seven flexibility in the type of food that it provides, but also flexibility in the type of image it gave the company.

As Sushi Seven grew, it was given a modern spin that blends perfectly with the menu: bright, attractive colors, minimalist decorations, large, open windows (during the day), and a more relax environment at night that includes dim candles. It is not uncommon to find tables conversing for more than the usual lunch or having a macchiato or espresso out on the patio to continue their dining experience. While Sushi Seven's priority is still making high quality, delicious, attractive Japanese-Mexican fusion, it now focuses more time on elevating your sushi experience.

Sushi Seven is a young, bright company that looks to expand its horizons. With now three locations (one in San Antonio, Texas and two in Puebla, Mexico), our sushi is being experienced by more and more people each day. We want to provide high-quality food, in an attractive, comfortable environment supported by a solid company with experienced management.